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About Wonderworks Orlando

An amusement park spanning around 28,000 square feet of edutainment, the Wonderworks Orlando Zones offer education combined with entertainment that sparks your imagination and challenges your mind. Formerly, its location was in the Bermuda Triangle. However, when an experiment went wrong, the authorities shifted it to International Drive in Orlando, Florida.

This amusement park provides you with over 100 fantastic and enthralling indoor activities, such as the four-dimensional motion theatre, black-lit fast-paced Laser Tag arena, and the glow-in-the-dark Ropes Course. You get to roam around the various places during your visit to the park. In addition, every area lets you enjoy some mind-blowing Wonderworks Orlando rides with Wonderworks Orlando Tickets. From trying out the Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Course to assess your skills and strength to a fun-filled visit to the bubble lab, the amusement park never falls short of enjoyment. In short, it serves as an ideal family trip.

Zones To Explore in Wonderworks Orlando

If you are hunting for some adventure to quench your soul, the Wonderworks Orlando Zones are ideal for providing you with a memorable Wonderworks Orlando experiences. The reason is that you get the opportunity to explore numerous exhibits and enjoy action-packed entertainment in the basement. You must take your little ones to Wonderworks in Orlando if they wish to explore and examine several extraordinary events like the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show.

Extreme Weather Xone

You will be amazed when you put your hand inside the mesh, steel armour glove and witness the Tesla Coil. It emits electric currents to power up a fluorescent light that is 50 m away wirelessly. In the Earthquake Cafe, you can relive the historic Quake that occurred in 1989 with a 5.3 magnitude on the Richter Scale. However, you should be 36 inches tall for that. If you enter the Hurricane Shack, you will experience one hurricane-force wind of 74 miles per hour. It is as cold as 28 degrees Fahrenheit water inside this zone.

Physical Challenge Zone

It is one of the most exciting Wonderworks Orlando Zones, where the weight of your body is dispersed so that 3500 nails do not penetrate inside it when you lie on them. Moreover, you can develop your three-dimensional image on this wall of pins. Creating funny adjustments and witnessing life without four legs or 20 toes is undoubtedly fun. You can also grab a seat on any of those chairs and pull yourself up using the rope to understand the pulley power. The Bubble Laboratory enables you to create basketball-sized bubbles. You can even fit inside the bubbles that you blow through a bubble sheet. Mind power, biofeedback round, and virtual sports are some of the other fantastic Wonderworks Orlando rides.

Light & Sound Zone

You can watch your shadow quickly enhance into assorted patterns and vibrant colours when you walk in front of the screen in this zone. It is fascinating to look at the screen while your quirky dance moves change into sound. In addition, the body appears to create a sound-like effect. The versatile giant piano is commonly known as “The King of Instruments” due to its gigantic size. Jumping from one key to the other on this piano while playing music with the feet will mesmerise the kids to a great extent.

Space Discovery Zone

It is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining Wonderworks Orlando Zones for the little scientists in your family. They can observe a space suit right in front and embark on their mission to Mars. While climbing aboard the one-person spaceship and exploring life in a space capsule, they will learn everything about mercury capsules. Its specialty is astronaut training which teaches them to climb aboard a gyroscope and discover how it feels to be weightless. This gyroscope, occupying two individuals, spins and rotates in several directions to stimulate the outer-space effects on human beings. The Wonder Coaster takes you on one of the most adventurous Wonderworks Orlando rides as you enjoy the flips, dips, and turns.

Imagination Lab

It is a massive version of Lite-Brite, where you can rearrange the colored pegs to create a splendid masterpiece. The picture starts glowing when you place the colored sticks on the black wall. You can use your imagination to make your design, favourite animal, beautiful flowers, or a fast-moving car. The interactive Dig It sandbox allows you to become the creator of your landscape while you dig ocean trenches, create safari flatlands, or build Jurassic mountains. When you arrange the big and small gear works here, you will see them spinning at different paces.

Wonder Art Gallery

Wonderworks Orlando Zones also comprises a magnificent art gallery displaying illusion art, Dr. Seuss’ Unorthodox Taxidermy, and many more. Your eyes will be tricked and delighted with the gallery's many illusion art pieces. Different kinds of optical illusions will transfix everyone with their illusory patterns. Additionally, you can see some of Dr. Seuss’ taxidermy sculptures that stand as the most exemplary instances of his innovative multidimensional creativities.

Know Before You Go To Wonderworks Orlando

Essential Information
Shop & Dine
  • Timings

The amusement park opens at nine o’clock in the morning and shuts down at midnight 365 days a year. The 90-minute Magic Comedy Dinner shows are available at 6 pm and 8 pm. You should reserve your tickets at least two to three days before you come to watch the show.

  • Getting there:

By Car: It takes nearly 17 minutes to reach the place if you travel by car.

  • RestrictionsThe park makes it mandatory to wear closed-toe shoes for the ropes courses and other attractions in the Wonderworks Orlando Zones. In addition, you must tie up your long hair during astronaut training.
  • Dinner

The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show includes a lively dinner with unlimited salad, sparkling wine, soda, fresh, hand-tossed cheese and pepperoni pizza, and dessert.

  • ShopsA quaint gift shop lies inside where you can buy souvenirs during your visit.

FAQ's of Wonderworks Orlando

What is the best way to dress for a day at Wonderworks Orlando?

All visitors should wear closed toe-shoes during the ropes course. In addition, they do not allow dresses or short skirts during this course.

How to reach Wonderworks Orlando?

A car ride will take 17 minutes to reach the destination and enjoy the Wonderworks Orlando Zones.

What will I find inside Wonderworks?

A science-focused indoor amusement park offers something exclusive and challenging for all age groups. From the Hurricane Shack to the Bubble Lab and the astronaut training gyro, you will find plenty of attractive Wonderworks Orlando rides like Wonder Coaster, Hurricane Stimulator, and 4D XD Theater. The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show offers a unique mixture of magic, comedy, and imagination combined with outstanding food in unlimited quantities. You can help yourself to as much pizza and chug unlimited wine and soft drinks throughout the night. It also offers enticing dessert items. In addition, Wonderworks is an excellent spot for celebrating birthday parties at various packages. You can also plan an out-of-the-box unique event for team-building activities inside the park.

How long does it take to tour Wonderwork Orlando?

It will take around 90 minutes to experience all the exhibits and activities.


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